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17 principles of successful online store promotion

In this article we’re going to tell you about 17 principles of online store promotion. Of course, each project is different, not every tool is designed for your business, but we have tried to collect the must-have for online catalogs.

Let's go over the most basic points, without which it is impossible to establish contact with the target audience of online store:

1. A simple and high quality product. This is an obvious point, because we are all consumers, and everyone wants to receive an understandable and useful product. Strive to become an expert in your field, improve your service.

2. Delegate responsibilities. Even if you start as a very small startup of one or two people, gradually build up the staff. Otherwise you just cannot cope with the volume of work, it will affect the quality of your services.

3. Fill the site with unique content. This concerns the photo and video, and product description, essential articles and publications. Always keep the information provided up to date.

4. Use SEO. For projects like online stores, it is better to use it together with contextual advertising. Without SEO the website will not be able to meet the requirements of search engines.

5. Sell with contextual advertising. It works quickly and can bring results in as little as a week.

6. Use Internet marketing techniques. Offer to opt-in to email newsletters with messages about promotions, offer discounts for signing up from friends’ referrals, and so on. Try different channels to communicate with your audience.

7. Avoid aggressive savings. As the last pandemic showed, it was those entrepreneurs who moved their business online, that stayed afloat and were able to keep revenues at an acceptable level. Today your own website is not a luxury, but a symbol of solvency and a "lifeline".

8. Evaluate your options adequately. You can not sell everything at once, this property is inherent only to snake oil salesmen or seasonal products, products of prime necessity. Try to gradually build momentum and not "lower your wings" because of a small lull. Use this time to review your development strategy.

9. Work as a team. Keep your employees motivated, have brainstorming sessions, and try to listen to everyone. Interest in your own product always has an impact on sales growth.

10. Learn to listen to the customer. This goes beyond just pumping up your communication skills. Try to really close your customers' requests, offer a solution to their problems with the product, delivery, payment. A cliché phrase, but it works - get in their shoes.

11. Keep your site up and running. Not for nothing they say that the devil lies in the details. Blank pages with errors, crooked design without mobile adaptation, awkward navigation - all this will scare away any customer. Ask for diagnostics from the IT guys, so you don't miss out on your traffic.

12. Analyze. There are specialized tools for this in Google. If you do not know how to use their counters and metrics, then also contact the experts and do not waste your time.

13. Don't leave your customers unanswered. If your site has a comments section or reviews open under product cards, always give feedback. A well-established contact will not only be helpful to both parties, but will also get noticed on social media and even the media, because the Internet remains a big village.

14. Improve the quality of your content. Forget about spammy phrases and aggressive marketing, nowadays the sensitivity and the utmost usefulness for the customers is appreciated. It is also important to encourage the target audience to create posts about you. Run contests on social networks, make social hashtags, etc.

15. Loyalty Program. It is always relevant, because people collect so many discount and bonus cards, even if they no longer fit in your wallet. So this item will always work.

16. Be on-trend. Order the creation of a mobile version of the site, because more and more purchases are made online - through gadgets. The main audience of your customers is clearly looking at products through mobile screens.

17. Research your customers. Draw up their psychological portrait with habits, preferences, "pain points". As a result, you will be able to perfectly close all the requests and deeper understand the needs, become more flexible and adapt to the market.


Don't chase crazy revenues right away. Success comes gradually and if you follow all the rules of promotion and listen to the pros, the result will not keep you waiting and stay with you for years.


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