Digital Audio Marketing

We offer legal public reproduction of musical works, including technical and software, for audio broadcasts at points of sale. Smart audio marketing can increase spontaneous sales by 30-40% and extend the buyer's stay in your outlet by 25-35%. We are trusted to voice their business by Walmart, LeRoy Merlin, Family Mart, Carrefour, KFC and Mercedes-Benz.

Digital Audio Marketing with Dunlimited means:

Effective channel
of communication with your customers

Advertising goods and services
directly at the point of sale

Professional selection
of background music

Unique branding
of the music broadcast

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Audio Marketing


Quality Music

An individual catalog carefully selected by our music directors. Tens of thousands of songs to choose from. Quality sound that suits your business. All music is divided by genre. That's why over 1000 companies in over 5 countries have already chosen Dunlimited.

Cost - effective

Our license allows you to save up to 30% compared to current rates. At the same time, our transparent and 100% analytical system ensures that songwriters and publishers are paid and fully informed about the use of their work. Dunlimited allows you to save money and improve the quality of music broadcasting in your point of sale to create a unique customer experience.

Affordable and legal

Certified license with free legal protection and free support line. Dunlimited will provide you with a comprehensive license that allows you to stream high quality music and take care of any administrative issues.

What else to know about Digital Audio Marketing

Can I listen to samples of your music somewhere? Do you have a free trial?
Yes, we offer a free trial for 7 days.
How is payment made? For what period?
You can choose any convenient payment period: month, quarter, six months, year.
Well, I like your service, but I know that if I pay MRSS and COMPASS, then everything is legal and I will not have problems. How about your service?
Our music and service is 100% legal, we have contracts with authors and performers for each track in our music database.
Does your software only allow you to play music? And what about the commercials that play in our mall during the day?
Our software allows you to integrate your commercials into a music playlist according to a predetermined schedule by time and day of the week.
If I receive any claim from either MRSS or COMPASS or from other parties, what should I do?
You simply forward this letter, then our lawyers write a response and provide all the necessary supporting documents.
Do you provide equipment for playing your music or do we need to purchase it separately?
We provide a fully customized Magic Cube player for free. You just need to connect it to power supply and the Internet. Magic Cube is reliable device. But just in case, we provide a second backup fully customized Magic Cube.
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