Google Advertising

The term SEA is associated with the term PPC (pay per click), which refers to the payment method used by advertisers. The main point is placing the advertisement above, beneath, or next to the search results via text, image, or video. Sounds simple – yes! However, without proper analysis and settings, it is the easiest way to waste budget and become disappointed with this tool. We cover routine to make you focus on business strategy.

Google Ads with Dunlimited means:

Unique promotional concept

Budget and Performance Forecast

Accomplished impressive advertisements

Detailed statistics of the advertising campaigns

Get a website traffic
as a bonus

Google Ads Management

Since Google is a worldwide leader, we focus on Google Ads opportunities for your business. Our SEA specialist will invest time in developing, executing, and maintaining online campaigns to optimize your marketing expenses. Expect clear and comprehensive KPI reporting.

Ads and website audit

The overall Ads performance depends on the advertising landing pages. It must be optimized to gather as many leads as we can get. We analyze your website and prepare a list of recommendations that you can redirect to your specialists or our WebDev team. We check Ads results and fine-tune campaigns daily.


It is a function within the Google Ads system that focuses your text advertisements on people who have already visited your website. It allows you to place offers for them. We try to catch every single potential lead to increase your revenue.

What else do you need to know about Google ADS?

What else do you need to know about Google Ads?
You tried Google Ads but didn't achieve anything. Why are we confident in our results? Google Ads is a powerful resource for those familiar with the nuances. However, it's a great resource to squander your budget when you have no idea how to use its features. We have Google сertified professionals to manage your budget wisely.
Which budget should we consider?
We do our recommendations based on preliminary analysis, considering your budget estimations.
What should we do before launching?
We start with an analysis of your competitive environment to estimate a budget. Then, we do the proper Google Analytics settings and remarketing (if necessary). When all the basic steps are done, we are ready to launch Ads. Keep in mind that SEA works perfectly complementary to SEO.
Which placements do we work with?
We work with Google Search, Youtube, CMS, UAC (mobile applications), and remarketing and are ready to offer special placements if we find them relevant for your business.
Why are we interested in your results?
Your revenue affects our income on your project because of the financial model we offer.
How do we manage the project?
You have your project manager, who is always ready to answer you in a group chat. Before we start, you choose the communication method and reporting form you prefer.
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