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A few words about the importance of unique texts

"It is necessary to write unique texts, to increase the percentage of uniqueness, you can not engage in plagiarism" these are the common phrases of the website owners. Let's try to figure out what is a unique text, why it is necessary and how to create it.

What is a unique text?

Unique text

A unique text is the information presented in a text form, which is unique nowhere on the global Internet. Of course, it is difficult to talk about absolute uniqueness, because the same words or phrases, idioms and set expressions can be used in different texts. The most important thing in this concept is the uniqueness of thoughts and expressions and the long phrases that express them.

Uniqueness should ideally reach 90% or higher. There are narrow subjects, where it is simply impossible to achieve such figures, and the figure of 70% will be acceptable. In any case, you should always strive for perfection.

Why do I need a unique text?

No one likes it when somebody's work is stolen without permission. This applies to both inventions, patents, and the Internet. Search engines try to protect the copyrights of the creators of information while punishing plagiarists. It is important to note that if search engines did not seek to fight non-unique texts, there would not be so much interesting and varied information on the Internet.

THe only way to get into the top results of search engines is to write informative and interesting unique texts. Website promotion should begin with this.

How to create a unique text?

The work on the creation of content is usually engaged in copywriters - people who possess literate speech and a high level of spelling.There are two main methods of creating unique texts:

Copywriting. If you draw an analogy with the English language at school, it would correspond to an essay. If you have in-depth information in some area, you are a professional and expert, then this type of text creation is for you.

Rewriting, or outlining is suitable for people who are good at paraphrasing and putting into their own words what they have read. This is much easier than copywriting, as it does not require narrow and professional knowledge in the field of writing a unique text. Rewriting should be done very carefully, because simply rearranging phrases in sentences is not the way to achieve uniqueness. Search engines easily recognize such structures so take it into consideration while rewriting texts.

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