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Effective website promotion on social networks

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a trend of the last decade. For many people, social media has become the point at which they start using the Internet. At the same time, statistics of the number of personal user accounts on the most popular platforms show that a lot of representatives of any target audience can be found there.

Let's say more, social networks have also become a tool for website promotion. Search engines track the quantity and quality of mentions about it posted by users in communities and on personal pages. This can bring your resource an invaluable benefit if the promotion will be done by professionals.

Self-promotion is also possible. However, be prepared to devote a considerable amount of time to this process, to acquire at least a basic knowledge of the principles and mechanics of promotion.

Before answering the question of how to promote the site on a social network, consider the most popular platforms, their capabilities and the target audience, which is using them actively.


Facebook is the largest social network in the world, which is the ideal choice for companies entering foreign markets and working with clients from other countries. There are many representatives of business, middle and top management, entrepreneurs, technical specialists and people of creative professions.

Twitter - is suitable as the main social network for promotion for companies that work with relevant data and often publish news, monitor the information field. This network is also often used as an additional source of attracting visitors to the website.

Companies that sell goods and services with a strong visual component should focus on Instagram. Clothing, cosmetics, home goods, repair services, cleaning, design, paintings and more can all be "sold" through this social network. The majority of Instagram users are between the ages of 16 and 40.

How to effectively promote a website on social networks?

They say that promoting a site on social networks is to be present there and be active: publish content, respond to comments. In fact, it's a bit more complicated than that.

The hardest part is gaining the first subscribers for your company page. However, empty communities with few members look less attractive to potential customers

You can attract subscribers in two ways: recruitment and advertising. The first group of tools for promotion in the social network will give the appearance of popularity: the counter of the number of followers of your company will increase, and quite quickly. You can also buy likes from users to make the group or page really look alive. However, you won't be able to achieve business goals using only this method.

In order for the investment in the account and group promotion to be effective, it is necessary to attract live traffic there, which will be used in the future. Each social network has built-in tools for this purpose.

They allow you to adjust the display of ads to your target audience, targeting it by age, sex, location and even interests.

Next, you need to optimize the site for promotion on social networks, it is Social Media Optimization. As part of this process, its pages are added:

- buttons that allow visitors to quickly share content they like with their friends;

- links to your pages and communities;

Widgets that display the number of your subscribers and followers in real time.

SMO allows for two-way communication between the community and the website. As a result, it becomes another social media promotion tool, because people come to it from search, contextual advertising and other sources. Thanks to social optimization, they get the opportunity to turn from passing visitors into regular subscribers.


Advantages of promotion with the help of social networks

SMM promotion gives you at least three positive effects.

The number of backlinks to the site pages from social networks increases. This becomes an indicator for the search engines that you publish high quality and interesting content. As a result, the position of the site in the output will grow.

You get an additional source of traffic. The number of people coming from social networks to your pages can be greater than the number of subscribers to your page, because people are actively sharing interesting information with each other.

You build direct communication with your target audience. This gives an opportunity to find out what real people think about your site, to ask them for their opinion about the company products, to process negative feedback and not only that.

If SMM is conducted by professionals, you are guaranteed to get a positive effect from the presence in one or more social networks.

Get an audit of your social media account as a bonus

Get an audit of your social media account as a bonus


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