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How to increase the conversion rate of a landing page

A landing page is a one-page site where companies urge users to take a certain action: buy a product or service, sign up for a course or subscribe to a newsletter. Conversion is the number of users who completed the desired action to the total number of visitors to the site.

People who come to your site are not just curious. They hope that your product or service is exactly what they need. Therefore, for potential customers to become loyal customers, the website's branding must be clear and carry value to the user.

Here are some tips to help increase the conversion rate of a landing page without advertising.

How to increase the conversion rate of a landing page with the help of a mobile version.

In 2022, people don't part with their phones. On it, they flip through the news feed on the way to work, share memes with friends on social networks, discuss work issues, pay for parking and shop, order food and plane tickets. And most importantly, they want it all to be convenient and quick to pull it all off.

Optimize your landing page for mobile, even if you have a mobile app where users can do all the same things. That way you won't miss out on those who browse your site from a mobile device, and you'll increase the conversion rate of your landing page.

How to increase the conversion rate of your landing page with testing

We bet that you don't like it when pages take a long time to load, the callback or action button is nowhere to be found, and when filling out the form you are asked to remember the capital of Honduras and thus prove that you are not a robot. The users of your site will probably be happy if they do not encounter anything like that.

It is important to constantly test feedback forms, target action buttons, display clickable elements, animation elements and loading speed. Through testing, you'll make it easier for users to interact with your site and increase the likelihood of getting a conversion.

If you think a red button instead of a blue button would work better, add it. If it seems like the text on your site is "not selling," change it and monitor the results. Hypotheses exist to test them.

How to increase the conversion rate of a landing page with actual prices

If you're offering a product or service at a certain price on a landing page, it's better to rule out a situation where tax, shipping, clearance and maybe a cup of coffee for the designer are added to that price during checkout.

Even if the final cost doesn't hit your pocket, the residue of such deception can make the user leave for a competitor's site. Be honest and make sure the price in the description of the product or service is real, and a description of what is included in that cost - detailed.

By the way, sometimes the price depends on many factors. This is the case, for example, when developing applications. In this case you should explain to your users in detail what may be included into the price.

How to increase the conversion rate of a landing page with a simple form to fill out

The scariest 10 fields in the form are only 10 fields that are required to be filled out. Remember, the more input fields a form has, the less chance a user will fill it out. So if you use forms to collect contacts, registration, checkout - make them as simple as possible. Ask for only the data you need to start working with the customer.

How to increase the conversion rate with video reviews

Video testimonials inspire trust and work better than text ones. Many companies think the purpose of a video testimonial is to get customers to praise them, but that's not the main purpose of a video. Your potential customers need to see people who look like them, with the same needs and emotions.

How do you make a proper video testimonial?

Show the results you've provided to other customers.

Give details about working with your company or the process of using your product or service.

Place the review at the top of the page. The attention span of users is shorter than ever, so you need to make an impression as quickly as possible. A review at the top of the page will increase the chance that the visitor will stay on the site and want to place an order.

Use subtitles and put the video on autoplay. You don't know where potential customers are when they view your landing page. The last thing to do is disturb their surroundings. That's why there should be no sound in the video by default. The visitor can turn it on if they want to.

The most important thing in the video is the first 5-10 seconds. Reflect in them the main benefits and motivate the user to continue watching or go straight to the goods or services.

How to increase conversion rates with case studies

The only thing better than video testimonials are stories in which your company did a great job and helped its customers. Tell about the problem you were able to solve, how exactly you did it and share the result. Such stories always create confidence in the company and the product.

How to increase the conversion rate of a landing page with the help of FAQ

Tell us what payment scheme you work under, whether you have delivery, how much additional services will cost, whether there is technical support and about 1000 and 1 more questions to which you can give an answer right on the site. It's important to remember that the purpose of frequently asked questions is to deal with customer objections, not just to give visitors additional information so they can make a decision faster.

For example, a user admires your products but can't afford them. A good plan is to add this objection to the FAQ and talk about possible payment options you have, such as installment plans. Your offer will immediately become accessible to the visitor, and the conversion rate of the landing page will increase.

How to increase the conversion rate of a landing page with the "buy" button at the top and bottom of the page

Don't make a potential customer look for a buy or feedback button. It's not necessary to place multiple buttons on the landing page. Most often this is not necessary - if an element is often repeated, it automatically ceases to attract attention. The most important thing is to place a button at the top of the page for a customer who is ready to make an order, and at the bottom of the page for potential customers who need information for reflection. A workable option that many companies use is to place the button in the top menu. When you scroll down the page it is constantly in sight, but does not annoy users.

How to increase the conversion rate of a landing page with textual content

We've already mentioned that user attention is a very short-lived thing. Time for another interesting fact: for the most part, people don't like to read.

So no matter how good your product is, no matter how proud you are of your services - cut to the chase everything you want to say. Even if your potential clients are aware of all the nuances and professional vocabulary, there are always newbies or those who are only recruiting contractors or suppliers. Describe your benefits in one or two sentences and make them simple and clear - no complicated metaphors or terms.

How to increase conversion rates with feedback contacts

Additional contacts can build customer trust, increase loyalty, and increase conversion rates for your landing page.

Give users the ability to choose a channel where they feel comfortable contacting you. Email address and messengers for those who do not like to communicate with strangers, phone numbers for those who like to talk, links to social networks for those who want to get acquainted with your company.

Increasing the conversion rate of a non-promotional landing page is a job that should be done all the time. Conduct tests, track user behavior, improve the usability of your site, and speak the same language as your potential customers. All this is sure to bring positive results.


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