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The service with the long history behind it

Massage and spa treatments can both be classified as not just relaxing and helpful, but also healing. Both have a long history that dates back to the birth of a cultural civilization and carry a large number of well-established traditions.

It is known that already in the 6th century BC in ancient China, massage was taught to healers as one of the disciplines. Around the same era, but on the other side of the world, in Ancient Greece, Hippocrates considered massage as “a remedy that truly and effectively cures many diseases”


Spa treatments, along with massages, were very popular in ancient times. Hippocrates wrote in his writings about the benefits and healing qualities of taking baths with salt and fresh water.

Back then long time ago, the ideal music for the baths, which are now called spa salons, was the splash of the water itself, unhurried languid conversations, the laughter of charming nymphs and the sounds of the flute.

Of course, things have changed significantly since then. However, the music that accompanies spa and massage treatments remains authentic.


Style or failure

Relaxation, calmness, and tranquillity, which typically reign in massage and spa salons, create an environment in which meditative, ethnic music simply begs to be played. However, in pursuit of the right atmosphere, you can risk making serious mistakes.

Previously, Japanese tunes, for example, were played in Thai massage salons. An unbiased listener would not detect the substitution since Asian music is fairly comparable and, in general, is based on the Chinese musical tradition. However, a customer who has lived in Japan for a long time might be astonished in a negative way if she recognized her "second native language" in a genuine Thai spa facility. So, before you turn it on, make sure the music is authentic.


Along with cultural and geographical inadequacies, spa owners frequently fail to consider the quality of the musical content. Many people opt to use semi-legal and free music resources, which is why competitors frequently play similar tracks.

Modern classic

Of course, there are solutions to the issues that spa owners face with the music environment. Despite the fact that finding high-quality music for spas and massage parlors is considerably more difficult than music for cafés and restaurants, there is still an opportunity to create a truly awesome project.


There is a lot of ethnic-based modern electronic music, which may give a distinct approach and style. The popular combination of folk art and modern style is ideal for a spa. This level of eclecticism will not go unnoticed.

By hiring a professional, you might not only acquire a high-quality playlist, but also find excellent musicians working in the ambient and ethno genres and negotiate a contract with them for author's playlists.


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