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Music is important in the store

Store audio branding is a distinct topic that deserves special attention. A substantial amount of research has been and continues to be conducted: marketing, psychological, and social. All in order to figure out the degree to which music impacts the store's business success.

Is there truly unique music for the store that boosts sales? Is it all about selecting the perfect playlist? Are there any strict guidelines, or is everything flexible and individual?


Is the background music in a store just a marketing tool or rather psychological tool that attracts customers? Lots of questions. But a clear answer has not yet been found.

For example, according to a study by American scientists, at the end of the last century, the rhythm and style of music directly influenced the purchasing power of shoppers. For example, slow, calm tunes raised the average purchase by 38%, while fast and energetic music for the store was not very suitable and did not entail positive results.


However, times are changing. The pace of life in modern society is growing every year, and it is no longer known whether we can unconditionally rely on the results of the studies mentioned above.

The relationship between music for the store and the level of sales is definitely true. Slow music shows itself better than fast music - most likely not anymore. The question is too personal.

Sell with music!

Well, despite the fact that there are significantly more private stores in audio branding than general ones, there is still something in common. Let's try to understand these points.

The music selected for playing in the retail space is separated into three sections: morning, afternoon, and evening.

The morning selection mainly consists of invigorating and groovy melodies, not necessarily very famous ones. It is assumed that they set the mood for the next day, shake buyers.The daily section is frequently dilled with brilliant compositions that are pleasing to the ear. The evening, on the other hand, begins with the intensity of a driving day and gradually settles down, surrounding late customers in peaceful, calming music.


In addition, music that attracts customers is often used as an advertising tool. This is facilitated by jingles - special inserts with branded melodies and slogans of stores. They are harmoniously integrated into the background music playlist for the store at the request of the customer. Not everyone resorts to using jingles. Most often these are large brands and international networks.

In turn, conceptual brands, designer showrooms and shops often follow the path of the restaurant and clubs - they hire a music director who builds a musical image. This is a very common practice these days. Such stores not only invite artists to play music in retail spaces and record exclusive compilations, but also arrange real parties, usually timed to coincide with sales or presentations of new products.

If we take into account stores from the mass market category, then, of course, live performances and parties are extremely rare here. However, the world of store music is full of diversity here. The key role in the formation of the playlist is played by the specifics of the business. Music for a toy store will be significantly different from the audio branding of a grocery hypermarket, and background playlist for a sports store will be different from a jewelry store.

One way or another, the main thing in choosing background music for the store is not to break the law and choose the right playlist. If not a music director, then a media company that specializes in audio branding can help you with this. You will be explained all the legal issues related to the legal use of music for your store, offered to listen and choose ready-made compilations or make an exclusive selection.

When choosing a new playlist, take your time. Consider your industry, and keep in mind that in today's world of trends and brands, people frequently prioritize concept and style over product. So don't be afraid to experiment with style.


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