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Promotion in the social networks with a minimal budget

If you look at how much is invested in SMM promotion by large brands whose target audience is Generation Y and Z, it turns out that these budgets are huge .

But in social media, as in other channels, there are a variety of options for promotion. And some of them require minimal budget:


Search for partners who are interested in exchanging audiences, but do not overlap with you in terms of assortment. For a retail furniture store, this could be stores with repair and decor products, for a clothing store cosmetics and accessories would be the best and for a beauty salon it is possible to choose a flower or jewelry salon as a cross promotion partner. With partners, you can exchange mentions of each other on their pages, develop a joint promotion, a challenge or a contest.

Working with Influencers

There are bloggers almost in every city, so you just need to choose those whose followers are your target audience. Take this seriously. Study the person's page before you reach him/her (analyze the activity of the audience, understand the subject of the blog, formulate your proposal). Most Influencers already have their own price for advertising, some work by barter so find the perfect options for yourself. Pay attention to micro-influencers as they are almost always willing to work on barter. Their audience is small, but of high quality (for big cities, a micro influencer is a blogger with 20 000 and more subscribers, for regions and provinces a micro influencer can have not less than 1000 followers).

"Word of mouth”

This tool works always. But in order to stimulate its launch in social networks, you need to prepare the ground i.e. collect feedback from your customers and bloggers on the page, make small bonuses for a review, let them test your product. Respond to reviews, reposts and screenshots.

Quizzes and challenges

Entertain and engage your audience to keep them loyal. Make raffles for interesting prizes. Use simple mechanics (tag a friend or repost) to get more reach. Use "stickers" in Instagram posts (run a quiz with interesting questions on your topic, riddles using the "questions" sticker).

Work with the feedbacks, engage in a dialogue

Establish relationships with your subscribers and develop them. Use survey formats, touch upon some interesting topics of discussion in your posts, and call to action. And never leave negativity out of it. There's nothing worse for your image and sales than unanswered feedback from dissatisfied users.

Personal brand

Become the face of your company. Be active in social media accounts, communicate directly with customers, and attend events. Talk about your products, new products and company accomplishments. And remember, you need to dilute your feed with quality, non-advertising content.

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