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Real estate website development

Buying/selling and renting real estate is a complex line of business. In order to gain an additional competitive advantage, an agency needs its own website. Many people are involved in developing them. However, creating full-fledged tools to work with the target audience online is a process that has a lot of nuances and peculiarities.

Features of the process

The development of real estate websites is a non-trivial task. It is necessary to find a unique solution that will become not only a business card, but also a full-fledged business tool.

The effectiveness of the site for visitors and potential clients depends on how convenient it is to find the information about real estate properties and compare them. Any difficulty can be a reason to turn to one of the many competitors.

Therefore, the developer should immerse himself in the customer's business:

- find out the business goals which the future website should achieve;

- interview agents about the specifics of the company's work and customers;

- conduct a competitive analysis.

Difficulties in developing real estate websites

Real estate is a broad concept. It equally includes simple wooden houses, standard city apartments and luxurious villas. Each of these properties has its own target audience with its own behavior and decision-making.

Therefore, when developing a real estate website you need to take into account its main focus. In some cases, you have to create several fundamentally different design layouts for the main sections.

Another difficulty is the need to present comprehensive visual information about each property with which the company works, without sacrificing the speed of page loading. To achieve this, automatic algorithms are introduced to optimize uploaded photos, their layout and positioning on the page is thought through.

Professional approach to the development of real estate sites

The main task that amateurs solve is to make a website. Professionals, on the other hand, seek to provide their client with a tool that will help them achieve their business goals.

The amateur uses templates and best practices. A professional develops a customized solution every time and optimizes it for the customer. To do this, you need to immerse yourself in the client's business, understand its target audience and its characteristics. This takes time, so the work of a professional is more expensive.

However, this is not a cost, but an investment. Professionally developed custom websites are nice to fill and maintain, they require a minimum of time and effort. It will be easier for the client to find the information he is searching and to make a decision.


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