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Should you use unique or template design for your site

Website design is an important criterion for its success with potential buyers. The design can both attract and repel them. Therefore, it is important for developers to choose a thematic and high-quality design for the website, which will attract the target audience.

When choosing a design for a website, there are two solutions: develop a unique design without connection to any other projects or use a ready-made template as a basis.

Unique (individual) design

Individual design is created by developing the style of the future Internet project, for which all the features of the business and the specifics of the brand are taken into account. To develop such a structure and design on the site it is necessary to carry out a thorough analysis and study the peculiarities of the business. This option of design is the most expensive, because it involves a number of specific works with the resource. Each studio can put up its own price list.

Pros and cons

The use of custom design has both positive and negative aspects. The advantages of unique design include:

- the ability to implement any design solution,

- the opportunity to talk about the reputation of the brand and emphasize its uniqueness,

- the lack of restrictions on functionality.

Of the disadvantages, the following aspects can be highlighted:

- large monetary and time costs,

- a large number of resources for implementation and technical support.


It is difficult to establish an average market price for the development and creation of individual design. The range of prices is very large. Each company estimates its services for an individual price.

To find the best combination of price and quality it is necessary to evaluate the type and process of ongoing work with the project. Seeking for collaboration you should look for a partner, not a contractor.

Template design (for a quick start)

Ready template theme is an already developed site structure with a set of specific pages. Theme can change, depending on the specifics of the business. You can choose certain colors, fonts, icons, etc. for it.

The advantages of using a template include the following:

- less time to develop the styling,

- no cost for the development of functionality,

- minimization of risks as a result of using proven standard solutions.

Disadvantages of ready-made templates:

- the limitation of the design to certain template frameworks,

- possible problems with the addition of new functionality,

- the identity of the structure of the store with those of competitors,

- lack of individuality and transfer of business personality.

Before choosing a design solution for your website just take into consideration all the above and your business goals.


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