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The advantages of contextual advertising

Contextual advertising is an effective type of advertising aimed at increasing sales and attracting new customers through the Internet. Context ads will be shown on search results pages and thematic sites and portals - members of the advertising network. The main advantage of contextual ads is the display of ads only to those parts of the audience that are really interested in a particular product or service with pay per click ads, not per display.

In addition, contextual advertising has other advantages over the other types of advertising channels:

Large coverage of the audience, comparable to the coverage of federal television channels, at a lower cost.

A direct hit on the target audience.

A large number of targeting settings.

Low starting budget compared to other types of advertising.

The ability to track statistics in real time.

A positive effect on behavioral factors and the growth of positions in an organic search.

What else do you need to know about contextual advertising?

You choose the most target search queries. Perform a quick query analysis: measure the real frequency of requests, CTR (Click-Through Rate, the ratio of the number of clicks per ad to the number of times it is seen; it is measured as a percentage; this is the ad efficiency which determines how effective it is). The higher the CTR, the more the ad matches the request and the lower the price for you to enter the guaranteed impressions or a special placement.

You promptly respond to site drops in search results. Contextual advertising allows you to keep the flow of customers and the company's work.

Are you looking for new target requests (new markets)? Contextual advertising gives you an opportunity to make a "trial" advertising campaign and analyze its effectiveness.

Do you need a short term result increase? It is a great opportunity to increase the number of coming customers for a small period of time for some product or service (promotion, sale). Contextual advertising allows you to run an advertisement literally in one or two hours. Attracting visitors to a specific page on your site.

Do you need promotion in a certain region? Quick advertising with targeting on the desired region. Ability to measure the actual frequency of requests, CTR, efficiency of requests for each region.

Do you need to attract customers for highly competitive demands? No advertising budget to fight with the major players in the most competitive requests? No need to get all the traffic for these queries? Contextual advertising allows you to attract the right part of the audience for these queries.

Do you require stable results? Using a comprehensive approach to promotion allows you to ensure greater stability of results and avoid running from optimizer to optimizer. As a result, the stability and durability of the result increases.

We recommend you to cover 100% of your target audience to achieve maximum efficiency during the first month. It is possible by using contextual advertising systems like "Google Adwords".


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