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The ideal online calculator for a website: what should it be?

Online calculator on the website

If you place an online calculator on your website it will definitely bring benefits. Firstly, such features are very attractive for users. Secondly, it will greatly facilitate the work of your support service, as they will not have to do the calculations themselves, and you can only briefly describe the service to the client.

What do you need to consider when creating an online calculator?

The first requirement for the ideal online calculator on a website is that it must be understandable to customers. It is better not to use professional terms and "abstruse" words, because it is unlikely that the customers know them too.

The second condition, which will definitely make the calculator better, is to help customers in the form of links to relevant pages with comparisons, product overviews and reviews. It's also a great way to link pages on your website.

Simplicity and convenience of the calculator and the absence of cumbersome forms, which must be filled, are the key to the fact that the user will not get tired of working with it and will not close the site before reaching the final goal.

Remember that long texts are too boring, so it is better to supplement the online calculator with a variety of pictures and images.

And, of course, after creating an online calculator, you should definitely check if it works correctly. You can test it yourself or ask your friends.


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