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Top trends in SMM 2022

Production and promotion of content is a laborious process. Marketers and SMM managers work hard to follow the trends in social networks as trends are the best way to engage the users in the content of the brand and become followers or even devoted customers.

Fast changing is in the nature of trends however some of them stay longer or can be quite predictable. Here are the TOP 8 trends in SMM 2022.

1. Collaborations with influencers

Even if you are a B2B company, the presence of bloggers in your social networks will be essential. Regular collaborations with influencers can make them a powerful tool for building trust in the industry. It is better to make collaborations not only with bloggers with a large number of subscribers but with microbloggers as well. Micro Influencers with a small but active community are more likely to bring you the desired result.

2. Social networks as marketplaces

Today if we speak about the e-commerce market, we usually mean social networks Instagram, TikTok, Facebook in one row with other online resources. This trend will especially appeal to companies focused on brand promotion. Brands now kill two birds with one stone when combining an online store and a social network account. If there is no need to visit third-party pages (marketplace, online store, etc.), the visitor is more immersed in the brand and its visuals. Thus, if you combine a blog and a product platform, the visitor only has to go to the site to pay for the goods.

3. Targeted ads

Paid social media promotion is one of the most effective and trendy marketing strategies for almost any brand. Social networks allow brands to present their creative to the target audience directly through paid promotion. If there is a good advertising strategy with good quality creatives, targeting, and right offer, this promotion channel can significantly increase brand revenue and profits.

4. Short videos

Short content is on the peak of its popularity in 2022. Snack videos on TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Instagram Stories, or Reels quickly engage users in content viewing and at the same time broadcast the brand’s voice and messages. If brands use such videos as ad creatives, this ad format will definitely be perceived as UGC (user-generated content).You can read more about brands in social networks in our article.

5. Less sense

One of the main features of Reels and TikTok short videos is that they make no sense, but have all the chances to go viral. Perhaps such content does not quite correspond to the company's communication strategy, but it will help open the brand to the audience from a new side.

6. Expert opinion

The trend on expert content continues growing in 2022. Many people are tired of entertaining content and bloggers' subjective insights or senseless dances and memes. Now users lack evidence more and more, especially when you give something expert just for free. In your publications, it is better to link to authoritative sources, provide relevant evidence of the information you post, and this will help you stand out from the information noise.

7. Loyal community

The way how people interact with a brand can have a significant impact on your impression or perception of this brand. Through publications on social networks, a loyal community will broadcast the idea and values ​​of the brand. Many brands and influencers post customers' questions, feedback or some other user generated content to show the strong connection with the audience and persuade other users that there is a true community of people gathered around the brand. But it is worth remembering that one wrong step by one of the members of such a community can lead to the “cancellation” of the entire brand.

8. Face of the brand

The personality trend stays with us in 2022. The purpose of this trend is to show that the brand is a human personality or a team of people but not something abstract, because it is easier for people to trust people than a company.

Ikea has long been in trend and announces company news on its YouTube channel. Ikea managers themselves talk about their work, and offline stores place portraits of their designers right next to the products they have created.

Social networks are the best tool for any brand to become stronger. But you should use this tool the right way to increase your brand awareness. A brand shouldn’t follow all the brands as a must, it is just one of the many approaches that will help you create relevant content appealing to your target audience.

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