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Unacceptable mistakes in the design of the home page

Home page design mistakes

Homepage usually forms the first impression of your website and company as a whole. Therefore, it is important to harmoniously and logically arrange it so that the user not only gets acquainted with your site, but also easily navigates through its sections. This article discusses the most common mistakes in website design.

Absence or excess of text

Both the absence and the excess of the text on the main page make the user of your resource feel uncomfortable. The best option is to distribute the text on the page, telling about the capabilities of the site and the company gradually.

Placing several sliders side by side

Another typical mistake in the design of the main page is the placement of consecutive two sliders. Such a presentation of information is rather poorly perceived, especially if the sliders are animated, and looks a little messy. The best options would be alternating display in a static version, then as a slider, or combining sliders with tabs in a single unit if you want to place several sliders in a row.

Creating several information columns

Websites with a breakdown of content into three columns have lost their relevance. To rid pages of their visual clutter and make it easier for the user to navigate in blocks, place information in one or two columns.

Pop-ups and poor quality images

It is better to remove all the pop-ups from the main page of the website. This is especially true for those that pop up immediately after the user went to the site. This factor is usually very annoying for visitors.

Also a mistake on your part will be the use of images of poor quality. They spoil the impression of the website and reduce the credibility of the resource and the company as a whole.

The lack of a mobile version and slow loading pages, as the main negative factors

If the site is not adapted for mobile devices, it is very bad for its promotion. Firstly, because most users today are visiting sites with smartphones or tablets. Secondly, because for search engines the mobile version of the site is one of the ranking factors.

Slow page loading usually discourages users most of all. Therefore it is better to check your site and fix all the shortcomings you find.


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