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What improvements will increase your online store's conversion rate?

The "Shopping cart" upgrade: increase online store conversion rate

In order to make sure that your online store conversion rate is always in a positive state and that your indicators are constantly growing, while your online business platform is bringing in more and more profit, it is important to work on such a section as the "Cart". What points of improvement are in priority in this case?

1. You need to add information about the products you've ordered.

When shopping "blindly," the user has a certain kind of anxiety: "Did I buy something extra that was left in the cart from the last time?"; "Did I mix up the number of items?"; "What if I found something better, cheaper?". In order to dispel such fears, a person should see in the cart what they will pay for. This way the user will feel more confident.

2. Configure the process of returning to the abandoned "Cart"

Quite often there are situations where a user adds items to the "Cart" but ends up not paying for them. There are quite many reasons for it, for example, being postponed to a later date, getting distracted and forgotten, changed their mind, had doubts, etc. A decrease in the percentage of abandoned orders and an increase in conversion rates will be facilitated by remarketing - a "catch-up" ad setting up which will remind you that you have selected an item in your online store but you have not yet purchased it.

3. Avoid obligatory registration for purchase

You will see that as soon as we make it possible for unregistered users to make an online purchase, your orders will substantially increase! And the reason is that few people want to waste their time filling out forms when registering on the website. This does not only "slow down" the modern user, but also instills in him the fear that his contacts can be used in the future to send out uninteresting and annoying advertising. By canceling the mandatory registration, you will not lose anything, because the client will still have to leave your phone number and email address to place an order.

4. Simplify the ordering process

It is rather unreasonable to offer a person who, for example, just wanted to buy a case for their phone, to fill out a questionnaire. After all, drawing up an order can take much more time than the choice of goods. In this case there is quite a high risk that the user will simply refuse to buy from you and find an online store, which presents a similar product, but the buying process is much easier. Try to simplify everything that can be automated. Make drop-down lists and leave empty fields only for personal contact information.


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